Force Feedback Effects Basics

Force Feedback effects are generated by motors mounted in the base of a joystick or driving wheel. Through Microsoft’s DirectInput interface devices are capable to generate those kind of push or resistance in an input device.

Every particular effect, for instance the engine of a wheeled car, needs to be created separatly for every device and are called effects. The push or resistance is called force.

Effects can be categorized in the following categories:

  • Constant Force. A constant force in a single direction.
  • Ramp force. A force that increases or decreases in magnitude.
  • Periodic effect. A force that pulsates according to a wave pattern.
  • Conditional Force. A force that reacts to a motion or position along an axis.¬†An example is the spring force effect that pushes a joystick back in the middle position.

Creating an effects can be very difficult, since devices with different motors reacts different to the parameters created in the effects.

For further informations about DirectInput effects refer to Microsoft’s MSDN Library: