DirectInput Manager is an Unreal Engine 4.1x Project Plugin that allows you to process input from any input device using Microsoft’s legacy DirectInput API.

Entirely written in C++ without any third party libraries it allows you to easily implement support for older Joysticks, Flight Sticks, Driving Wheels, etc. and to add Force Feedback effects on supported devices.


  • Multiple Device Support
  • Full Force Feedback support (depending of the connected device)
    Constant Forces A continual and steady force in a single direction
    Periodic Forces Pulsating Force
    Conditional Forces Forces triggered as a reaction to a particular motion.
    Ramp Forces Will increase or decrease in intensity steadily over time
Planned Features
  • DirectInput Effect Envelope’s
  • Effect File Handling
  • Plug & Play while running
  • 06.01.2018 – Added Binaries for Unreal 4.18.2
  • 18.03.2017 – Added Binaries for Unreal 4.15.0